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Slip And Trip

Slips, trips and falls are quite prevalent and are most common in public and work places. The worst of these kind of accidents can prove to be fatal but they can also lead to head injuries, back injuries, fractures and in the worst cases, paralysis.

How and where do most slips & trips occur?

Slips will occur mostly in places where the surface is still wet or is a slippery surface. In work places, this may be due to negligence, especially if it’s a wet floor that was not properly cleaned and dried. Appropriate signs are provided to indicate wet surfaces and as such, a company may be liable for any accidents that occur as a result of not applying the required safety procedures .

When it comes to the outside, slipping on the pavement due to weather conditions can cause serious injuries. However, making a slips, trips and falls  claim may be tricky because the council might not be held directly responsible for the accident. On the other hand, if the same was to happen in a parking bay of say a shopping centre, a hospital or a school, slips, trips and falls claims can be made against the said premises.

Tripping and falling accidents may seem like a regular occurrence but they are just as avoidable. Tripping on work equipment or wires that are left lying around is a common occurrence. The resulting fall may cause disastrous injuries that may leave you unable to work for a long period of time. These are some of the situations that can lead to claims being made.

How to go about a slip, trip or fall claim

Whether your slip, trip or fall accident occurs at work or in a public place, it is important to make note of any useful information. As fore mentioned, these claims are difficult to prove and as such, compensation may be difficult to claim. Nonetheless, with the right solicitor and information on what to look out for, chances are high that your claim can get you compensated. If the slip, trip or fall was caused by factors beyond your control, you stand a chance of being compensated for personal damages suffered.

You can determine who is liable for a claim based on where the accident occurred. If you slip on a pavement that is cracked or uneven, the council could be liable. If your mishap occurs in a hotel, at the dentist or a supermarket, the owner of the premises is liable. If you manage to have eye witnesses, make sure you take down their personal details. Whatever information you can obtain will be helpful but remember your well-being is of more importance.

What you need do after getting medical attention is seek legal counsel to represent you in making the claim. Slip, trip or fall claims require solicitors who are well versed with the procedures.

Your Personal injury compensation claim

Even though your solicitor will represent you, be sure to provide him with all necessary details that will prove that the accident was as a result of negligence.

The proceedings for such a claim take place in a court of law usually within three years of the accident. To carry on with the compensation claim, be sure to get in touch with a solicitor immediately after the accident so that he/she can follow up on every necessary detail. The amount awarded for such a claim is dependent on the gravity of your injuries and as such, medical information relating to the injury or injuries incurred is vital.

All these considerations are tallied up to determine how much compensation the claimant should be awarded. If by any chance the accident resulted in you missing out on work thus not receiving your monthly or weekly wage and had to supplement your income in order to meet your everyday expenses, this will increase your compensation amount.

The compensation amount you will receive will vary depending on the injury and the above mentioned conditions.

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